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T-Mobile – History, Brand Value and Strategies

T-Mobile is a subsidiary brand name for a German based company, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, specializing in telecommunications for mobile communications and the main company is Deutsche Telekom AG. 

There was T-Mobile International AG that was the subsidiary company and Deutsche Telekom had most of the shares since 1999. Later everything was merged in the main company for the local business growth by integrating all the subsidiary companies together.


T- Mobile History

The company is given the credits to start the first ever communication service provider for the mobile network. The systems that were being used were the radiotelephones which were only used just by the postal service providers, which was named as Deutsche Bundespost.


The initial days

In 1985, they came up with the first ever mobile network in Germany called C-Netz. Further it took 4 years for the recognition and the company later came to be known as Deutsche Bundespost Telekom in 1989. 


The rise

Then after 3 years in 1992, they came up with the first Global System for Mobile Communications and referred to it as D-Netz with 900 MHz frequency band and named it D1 and later D2 was released with the license. 

The company’s name was changed in the year 1995 on 1st of January to Deutsche Telekom AG.The international part came up in the year of 1999. 


T- Mobile Brand value

T-Mobile is an active brand in countries like the U.S.A, Czech Republic, Poland and Netherlands and is named as T-Mobile US, T-Mobile Czech Republic, T-Mobile Polska, T-Mobile Netherlands respectively. There are so many countries where the brand was being used like Hungary, North Macedonia etc. 

They had around 230 million users registered under T-Mobile International subsidiary and other subsidiaries altogether. In Germany alone it has more than 35 million users. 

It is the 13th largest service provider when it comes to mobile communication and 4th in terms of MNC. It has gained positions in top 3 companies providing mobile communication in many countries. 


It was given the tag of most innovative companies in 2014. The revenue generated was $ 44.9 billion in 2019. It has around 50,000 employees. 


T- Mobile Brand strategies

Expansion in the foreign market

The company whether it is shared or is working on its own in many countries, it has been one of the best and trusted companies. It is functional in countries like the U.S.A, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic etc. 

For example, in Austria it was the 100% shareholder of a company which was an Austrian mobile network service provider named Magenta Telekom and has gained position in the top 3 trusted companies. And it is functional in many other countries. 

It has gained the trust of the U.K market.  



In 1999, for the marketing the audio logo was designed and made by Lance Massey to promote the company in France.

For the marketing purpose, the parent company sponsors football associations and sports related clubs and games like German Bundesliga. Further it sponsors other football associations and teams and league competitions in other companies, like the Scottish Premier League. 

They sponsored league competitions in Austria too. It promoted its own cycling team also. It was the global phone carrier in the FIFA World Cup in 2006 in Germany officially. 

It also invests in banner ads in many countries during games and league competition. It has also entered into the world of baseball with sponsoring baseball competitions. 


Collaboration with Sprint and other business companies

In the year 2018, the company merged with a company named Sprint which was about a 26-billion-dollar deal. The T-Mobile company became the owner in 2020 with around 43% of stocks.

Likewise, it collaborated with other companies. 


A good listener and a doer

The company came up with a solution to tackle the problems that it was facing because of the user dissatisfaction. 

The company jumped into wireless carriers with the help of Prophet’s research under “Un-carrier strategy”. With the help of Prophet’s extensive research on the markets. Also, they had designed technology for the customer to mark its performance based on fairness, value, simplicity etc. This helped the company to gain around 1 million users which was the by far the largest user growth compared to other companies. 

It also purchases the surveys too to understand the opinions and suggestions of the users. It provides roaming facilities throughout the world. It also provides internet packages with the mobile communication facilities. 


Products range

The product of the company ranges from cellular telephones, wireless personal digital assistants, tablets, personal computers etc. So, with all these products the company is expanding and growing. All the products are of high-end quality. 

They have kits too which works to increase the integrity more than any other providers in the market. 



T-Mobile is thinking about the ways that are sustainable as well as cost effective. They have cut down plastic in their packaging and in this the plastic is cut down by more than 40% and thus there is a decrease by 40% of the total product transport as plastic took up a lot of space. 



Through a channel of distribution, the company has distributed its product and thus they get more mouths to deal with users’ concerns. 

This also helps to keep a check on the quality of the product reaching the hands of the consumer. A single direct chain of distribution can be seen in supermarkets, stores etc. 


Future strategies

T-Mobile works on setting targets and completing them and they want to continue this tradition by just focusing on a small part instead of expanding rapidly and hitting the success but missing it because of poor quality of service provided. 

They are working on a full customer support system so that the solutions provided are not short term but are long term approaches. They want to work on generalizing and equaling the quality of products in all the markets.

They want to expand in their own market by approaching potential buyers and increase the brand’s alertness.

T-Mobile wants to increase the revenue generation and profits. They are working on users’ participation by several new strategies like changing their plans, going to wireless carriers etc. 

The complaints are seen as ticking bombs and thus are addressed as soon as they can be and thus saving the user from opting any other service provider. 



T-Mobile is of the companies known for its quality and thus doesn’t want to give space to the users to doubt them in any way. 

The approach to decrease the footprints to work better might have both positive and negative impact on the company. But the strategy to keep an eye and check regularly the quality through the user’s perspective is a technique one should learn from T-Mobile. 

Their work approach is based on stability and integrity. But they should focus more on the current market and think about the expansion. 

Also, they have to rethink the packages being designed for the users so that all can use it, as because of high pricing a chunk of people can’t afford or don’t want to take it. 

At the end, the wireless technology has won over the hearts of millions of users and thus is considered the best by far to approach the users and resolve the issues in the shortest time possible. 

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