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PayPal – History, Brand Value and Brand Strategy

You might have come across PayPal at some point of time during your transactions over the internet. Everybody wants a secure payment gateway for their transactions and PayPal is considered to one of the safest and most efficient of them.

If you are a merchant, then your interaction with PayPal might go on forever. PayPal is a visionary brand and its achievements are worth to be read.


Paypal Brand History

PayPal, American web-based business organization shaped in 2000 that works in the internet payment domain. It was intensely utilized by the ecommerce organization eBay, which claimed PayPal from 2002 to 2015. 

PayPal was the result of a merger among X.com and Confinity, and it permitted clients to make payments on bought products or trade cash between accounts in a protected online exchange. 

In the wake of watching PayPal become the chief decision of web sell off customers, online commercial centre giant eBay obtained PayPal for $1.5 billion in October 2002. 

The organization offers clients the capacity to interface their PayPal records to their own ledgers, making moves and payments more productive than cash requests or cheques. 

Expenses are gathered by eBay on specific exchanges and are resolved depending on the measure of the exchange, the nature of the exchange, and the money of the exchange. 

In 2015 PayPal was spun off into an autonomous organization, yet it kept on being utilized by eBay.


Paypal Brand Value

As an innovator in payment related domain, PayPal has confidence in giving basic, reasonable, secure, and solid monetary administrations that empower the expectations, dreams, and aspirations of a great many clients and customers around the globe. 

Team Work

Joint effort work as a group, drive possession and responsibility, settle on choices and get results. 


Make astonishing encounters for our clients regardless of whether dealer, shopper or the PayPal network. They think differently, look start to finish and practice compassion by placing themselves in the clients’ shoes. 

Well being 

PayPal care and effectively bolster each other’s prosperity. They also make an overly empowering work environment that draws out the best in their representatives by sustaining their psychological, physical and enthusiastic parity.


Thoughts are more extravagant and execution is more grounded when everybody feels included.

The pioneer in its classification, the brand has 210 million dynamic shareholders in more than 200 markets far and wide. 

PayPal has as of date, made moves to make sure about its consistent market-driving position and setting up organizations with Skype and J.P. Morgan. 

It additionally has reintroduced itself to its home market with ‘new money’ scheme that looks to refine cash matters for American shoppers. 

In 2017, PayPal announced solid development and an expansion in income of 19% over the earlier year. Currently, PayPal has a brand value of nearly $ 24k million and around 22,000 employees work under the umbrella.


Paypal  Brand Strategy


The product strategy of PayPal:

PayPal is a payment method which permits online exchange of cash in 25 monetary standards across the country. Business ventures and individual clients can undoubtedly make payments and get cash using PayPal. 

They have two principle frameworks cash cards and payment methods and they have marketed these two products very efficiently.

A client/customer can without much of a stretch shop on eBay or any online website however the card details won’t be shared to online store. 

With PayPal you can effectively oversee expenses and make monetary exchanges on the web. 


Pricing strategy of PayPal: 

Each client/customer needs to pay charges for using any of the PayPal services. A direct charge comprehensive of money change must be paid with no exchange expenses. Clients gain reward focuses on their credit.

At the point when organizations use PayPal to get paid abroad, there involves no extra charges such as month to month or set-up expenses. For getting online payments and solicitations, organizations need to pay an expense of 4.4% + Fixed Charge though for accepting eBay instalments they need to pay 3.9% + Fixed Charge. 

PayPal likewise offers limited vendor rate for organizations that have month to month deals volume above USD $ 3000. 

By following this direct and effective estimation technique, PayPal has earned a substantial amount of income of USD $ 9.24 billion in the year 2015. This covers the pricing strategy in the advertising blend of PayPal. 


Distribution strategy of PayPal:

PayPal is an online payment platform that works in more than 200 nations with more than 180 million dynamic records which incorporates the two – organizations and people. PayPal holds assets in 25 monetary forms which permits smooth cash exchange across outskirts. 

PayPal empowers internet business clients to effectively shop on the web. But PayPal is prohibited in specific nations like Ghana, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Japan had to suspend individual shareholders by making them pay a business charge for all exchanges on PayPal according to the country’s administrative standards and regulations. 

Indeed, even in India, PayPal changed the client understanding standards according to the State Bank of India guidelines. 


Marketing strategy of PayPal:

PayPal for the most part being on the internet utilizes digital advertising techniques to promote its items and services. For web-based business clients, PayPal has made payments simpler. 

It has a solid presence on the web and can be found in several ecommerce payment pages. The highlights that PayPal offers makes individuals and organizations really need to find out about it and put resources into it for a longer period of time. 

Their promoting on the internet instructs clients how to utilize PayPal to make life simpler in this day and age. 

PayPal being a significant item these days doesn’t have to spend much on advertisements. They in fact built a massive client base and today have more than 180 million dynamic records around the world.


The features of PayPal:

PayPal offers the following features to the clients:

  • Payment gateway facilities for merchants and clients.
  • Access to use payment processes of PayPal.
  • Usage of PayPal as a payments bank.
  • Facilitating cross border money transfers.

Business can utilize PayPal to get paid through receipt, on commercial centres and even on their own sites. Every item or services has a basic and direct charge to be paid. PayPal clients get reward focuses on their credit.


PayPal checkout:

PayPal Checkout permits you to effectively add a checkout catch to your site so your clients can buy merchandise flawlessly. 

  • Secure and PCI Consistent : PayPal is completely PCI agreeable so it guarantees that both you and your client are completely ensured.
  • One touch : This implies clients do not need to be signed in or round out any of their charging data. As mentioned before, PayPal offers you up to an 84% expansion in businesses.
  • Quick checkout : Another improvement to permit you to expand deals is the choice for your clients to checkout from their shopping pack or item page. They can simply use Quick checkout and make the transaction through PayPal.



Generally speaking, PayPal is a phenomenal assistance for little to medium online business dealers. It is a perceived brand that is confided in the online business world and the one touch checkout feature has empowered dealers to expand their businesses.

PayPal has been the pioneer in online transaction modelling and has paved a new wave for digital transactions. The future of PayPal is bright and holds many such achievements to be unlocked by the brand.

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